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Spinach and Dill Rice

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adapted from The Vegetarian Epicure Book Two by Anna Thomas

Makes 8 servings.




1 lb. fresh spinach

3 Tbs olive oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

(1-2 tsp. salt)

1 tsp. dried dill weed

2 tsp. white wine vinegar

fresh-ground black pepper to taste

4 c. water

1 1/2 cups rice (long grain medley is nice)

1/2 c. finely crumbled feta cheese

1/2 c. fresh-grated Parmesan cheese




Cook the rice.

[Bring the water to a boil in a medium-large saucepan (season with salt to taste - maybe 1/2 t.). Add the rice and lower the heat to a simmer. Cover the pot and leave the rice to cook over very low heat for 25 minutes until all the water is absorbed and/or the rice is tender to taste.]


Meanwhile, wash and trim the spinach and mince it.

Heat the 3 T. olive oil in a small skillet and add the minced spinach and minced garlic to it.

Season the spinach with salt to taste (I'd say 1/4 t. max), the dill, vinegar, and some black pepper.

Cook the mixture over medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring often. All the excess liquid should have evaporated, leaving a thick puree.


Add the spinach mixture to the rice and toss lightly until the rice and spinach are well blended.

Cover once more and leave over low heat for another 3-4 minutes. 


Toss together the two cheeses. Spoon the green rice onto a warmed platter, sprinkle it with the cheeses, and serve immediately.


Also good leftover (warm or cold) or in an omelette.


Note: original recipe calls for 2t. of salt, which I found excessive, especially once the feta is added. I might leave the salt out of the spinach mixture altogether, or anyway just 1/4 t.; and maybe just 1/2t. (or less) in with the rice water.  






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