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A hearty breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for one

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A hearty breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for one

- from Patricia


You get your greens, your protein and some good smells going in your kitchen first thing.  When I used to have a schedule that allowed cooking something for breakfast I ate this a lot.


Some Olive Oil

1/4 Onion sliced

1/2 or 1 Carrot, grated

3-4 leaves of chopped kale or collards, depending on size. Other greens work too.

1/3 of your box of firm tofu (not silken), crumbled.

soy sauce

nutritional yeast


Get your olive oil heating over medium high in your frying pan while you slice up the onion. Put the rest in the fridge for another day.  When the oil is ready, throw those onions in and stir them around.


While the onion is cooking, chop up your greens.  I hold the stem end and run a sharp knife down the spine.  Then I do the other side.  The greens fall off and you can throw the stem in the compost bin.  I like to stack my greens, roll them and slice off little slices, but you can just chop with abandon.  After the onion cooks a bit, throw in the greens and stir the whole thing around.


Add the grated carrot.  I usually just grate the carrot right onto the greens.


As all that is cooking, get your tofu ready to crumble.  I usually wait for the carrots to cook a bit and then crumble the tofu right on top.  Stir everything around so the tofu heats up, then take off the heat before the tofu starts to stick.


Throw it on a plate and douse with as much soy sauce as you want.  Sprinkle on the nutritional yeast (don't skip this part, this is what brings it all together!).  Eat the warm, yummy goodness and feel happy.

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