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Brussels sprouts

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What to do with Brussels sprouts?

from the Facebook thread: "Deborah has discovered that brussels sprouts move beyond 'palatable' into 'delicious' if you roast them."


Marinate them in an italian dressing, combo vinegar, a drop of olive oil and spices to taste.  - Barbara G.


oh yeah caramelizing is definitely good. i guess i never steamed them. i like to chop them up and then saute them with some garlic and salt and a little water. i guess that also caramelizes them. - Will L.


Patti made them with horseradish, vinegar and butter, steamed and sprinkled with fresh dill weed, and they were num, num, nummy! Of course I'm a fan of the brussels sprouts from way back, so I could be prejudiced...  - Natasha F.


Alton Brown (my culinary hero) just did an episode on Brussel Sprouts. - Von W.


I saw that episode and am eager to try out some of the recipes! Otherwise, I squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle dill on my roasted or lightly steamed sprouts.  - Anne I.


Cut into quarter wedges, saute with garlic in a lot of butter, toss with pasta and serve with grated parmesan.  - Rebecca H.


Rebecca H. now says this is the perfect way to cook brussels sprouts: slice them in half, brown them in bacon fat in a cast iron pan, then cover and steam until barely soft. Sprinkle with a little salt and crushed red pepper and serve. Freaking delicious.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic (a NYT Recipe of the Day recommended by a friend of a FB friend)


Cut an "X" at the base of each one with a paring knife. Then par boil in veggi stock or seasoned water for 2 or 3 mins. THEN saute' with fresh spinach in GOOD olive oil, fine chopped garlic and very fine sliced shallots! - Diana A's friend Dan


Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Pecans (Manya's favorite)


Tasha's Sprouts and Squash





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