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Easy Spinach

Page history last edited by debrarian 12 years, 5 months ago

From Kathleen:


In case you two are ever in the unseemly position of having to prepare your own food, here are some healthy, easy ways to prepare spinach:


The first is from a Middle Eastern cookbook.  I use this recipe a lot.  The abbreviated version is:


Saute chopped onions in olive oil until they're soft, add torn-up spinach (and salt), cook until the spinach is soft, then stir in yogurt to taste.  You can vary the proportions of the ingredients to suit your tastes.  I sometimes add the yogurt after I've turned off the heat.  Onions and olive oil and yogurt go together well.  They taste kind of like Beef Stroganoff sauce.


The second is from an Italian vegetables cookbook.


"...there are only three ways to serve spinach, chard, chicory, wild greens, etc. as a side dish in Italy.  [My editorial note:  They gather and cook a lot of wild greens in Italy according to this cookbook.]  Greens are boiled like pasta, in salted water, [I steam them, but I'm not Italian, so what do I know?], then drained, cooled, and squeezed of excess water.  They're served at room temperature with extra virgin olive oil and a squirt of lemon.  Or warmed up, "saltate", the past participal of the verb "to jump," given a brief stir fry with butter for a mild-flavored dish.  Or jumped with garlic, hot red pepper, and extra virgin olive oil."  This last one has more than 4 ingredients so I'm leaving out the specifics.  The second one of course isn't as healthy since it uses butter.

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