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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Gadgets & Culinary Innovations


I (Richard) am seizing editorial control and adding a new section to the main page to highlight favorite obscure gadgets.


The reason that I say "obscure" is that I think many of us are set in our ways.  Me...  I like cast iron pans and Global knives.  You can show me the most glorious non-stick frying pan the world has ever seen and I'll (probably) think "Hmm.  Isn't that nice..." and never give it a second thought.  As I said, I LIKE cast iron.  However, show me something weird or different that I've never seen before and I'm likely to go ga-ga over it.  I suspect that most of us are much the same way...  So, let's highlight the weird.  Let's expose people to things out of the ordinary...


To start with, I present:


The Romertopf Clay Pot baker


Other Gadgets & Culinary Innovations



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