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Korean Pancakes

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(From Seyoung)

As with most other Korean recipes, the basics are very simple; you just throw in whatever you want to the mix. I eyeball everything so I'll do my best to give you an approximation of what I used for this batch. Honestly, I don't think you could ever put in too much veggies for this.


Hope you enjoy!



2c peeled dried mung beans (Boo Han market on 82nd has this)

1/4c of sweet rice (sweet rice is usually recommended but jasmine rice worked for me)

1 bunch chives (Boo Han sells a huge bunch, so I only used about a quarter of their size)

2 heaping handfuls of mung bean SPROUTS (1 bag from Fred Meyer or Safeway is usually enough)

soy sauce

minced garlic

sesame oil 

1 heaping handful of kimchi (Boo Han's kimchi is pretty good)



I took 2 cups of peeled dried mung beans and 1/4 cup of jasmine rice and soaked it under an inch of water for at least 3 hours. Then I pureed it in a blender, the coarser the better.


Transfer the puree into a large bowl


Take a bunch of chives, chop off both ends and stir fry in sesame oil and soy sauce, then add to bowl


Blanche the mung bean sprouts in boiling water, drain, lightly chop, then add to bowl


Lightly chop the kimchi, add to bowl


For a little extra flavor and color, add about 1/2 c of kimchi juice


Stir well


Drizzle about 2 T of canola oil on a thick pan over M heat


When the oil has been heated, start spooning a little bit of the mix at a time on the pan, about 2 T for each cake. Flatten slightly. When the edges stiffen, flip over. Both sides should be lightly browned when done. 


For the sauce, I like to mix 2 parts vinegar, 2 part soy sauce and a spoonful of ground chili pepper.

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